Health Promotion Research Institute

Affiliated Centers


The Center for Cancer Disparities Research at California State University Fullerton was established in 2006 to address the increasing burden of health disparities, especially in cancer. Cancer is the second most common cause of death, with nearly 1 in 4 people dying of cancer (American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures, 2006). In 2006, there is expected to be nearly 2.4 million new cases of cancer (both invasive and noninvasive), with an expected 564,830 deaths, nearly 1,500 deaths a day (ACS, CFF, 2006). In California alone, there is expected to be 56,000 deaths this year due to cancer (ACS, CFF, 2006).

Center Mission: To promote scholarship and creative activities to improve the cancer-related health and wellbeing of ethnic minority and other medically-underserved populations in Orange County.

 Center for Healthy Lifestyles and Obesity Prevention

The Center for Healthy Lifestyles, housed in the College of Health and Human Development, promotes interdisciplinary research and community outreach in areas related to children’s health and weight management.  The Center facilitates interaction among multiple entities concerned with the rise in children’s obesity including university faculty, schools, community agencies, and policy makers. Specifically, the Center’s three-fold mission is:

As such, the mission and goals of the Center reflect the needs of the community by providing education and outreach to children and their families regarding healthy lifestyles and prevention of obesity.

 Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Center

The mission of the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Center is to advance research, education, and professional practice related to fibromyalgia and chronic pain.  The Center’s philosophy is based on an integrated approach to symptom management, including (1) psycho-social & cognitive-behavioral strategies, (2) physical activity interventions, (3) nutrition & weight management, (4) acupuncture & manual treatments, and (5) pharmacological therapies.


Image for Center for Succesful AgingCenter for successful aging

The Center for Successful aging at California State University, Fullerton is dedicated to the promotion of health and vitality through educational, research, and service activiites. Programs and projects developed and sponsored by the Center, or affiliated with the Center, promote successful aging within the broad parameters of mind and body wellness and through the implementation of appropriate public policies.


Cancer Research Partnership for Cancer Health Disparities Research

The California State University, Fullerton and the University of California, Irvine Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Partnership for Cancer Health Disparities Research was formed in 2012 to help reduce cancer health disparities in Orange County. The partnership, the first of its kind between the two institutions, has two main objectives. One is to conduct pilot cancer health disparities research projects involving at least one investigator at each institution that will advance knowledge regarding cancer health disparities and, long term, will contribute to reducing and eventually eliminating those disparities. The second is to provide mentorship and training in cancer health disparities research to junior investigators who are involved in the pilot research projects, thus increasing the number of faculty members conducting research in cancer health disparities.