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Madeline E. Rasche, Ph.D.

Madeline E. Rasche, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Dr. Madeline Rasche is a professor in the Department Chemistry and Biochemistry at Cal State Fullerton. She is a biochemist with 29 years of research experience in microbial biochemistry, with particular expertise in enzymes and metabolic pathways required for microbial methane production.  Fundamental research in the Rasche laboratory has led to the discovery of compounds that inhibit microbial methane production.  This research has potential to impact human health because methane-producing microorganisms in human intestines have been correlated with some forms of obesity. A major goal of Dr. Rasche’s research is to identify and characterize additional protein targets for inhibiting methane-producing microorganisms and to discover inhibitory chemicals that may lead to future pharmaceuticals for the treatment of obesity-related health concerns.


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