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Daniela Rubin, Ph.D.

Daniela Rubin, Ph.D.

Department of Kinesiology

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Dr. Daniela Rubin is an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. She obtained her Teaching Degree in Physical Education in her home-country Argentina, graduating with honors in 1996. She graduated at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a M.A. in Exercise and Sport Science in the Specialization of Exercise Physiology in 2001, and with a PhD in Human Movement Sciences in 2005. She was involved as a co-investigator in an NIH-funded multi-site center diabetes prevention trial in the middle schools working with physical activity and behavior. She has been involved in the planning and/or evaluation of two different community physical activity interventions for youth:  Payoff in North Carolina and Active Kids in California. In addition, she has collaborated in several projects evaluating endurance exercise performance in relation to the endocrine system while at UNC-Chapel Hill. Currently she is the principal investigator for California State University Fullerton in a project funded through the Medical Research Programs of the Department of Defense investigating the Exercise Aspect of Prader Willi Syndrome and Childhood Obesity (2008-2010). She is also collaborating with a physician–directed program for overweight youth in Santa Ana, CA Powerplay MD.  She is interested in the role of exercise not only in the treatment but also in the prevention of diabetes mellitus type II, and the inflammatory state that is linked with obesity and musculoskeletal overuse.

Select publications:

D.A. Rubin, R.J. Butler, B. Beckman, and A.C. Hackney. The effect of footwear on cardio-respiratory responses during a training run. International Journal of Sports Medicine. In press.

D.A. Rubin, R.G. McMurray, J.S. Harrell, A.C. Hackney, and A.M. Haqq. (2008) Do cytokines relate to surrogates for adiposity in adolescents? Journal of Investigative Medicine. 56:786-92.

D.A. Rubin, R.G. McMurray, J.S. Harrell, D.E. Thorpe, and A.C. Hackney. (2008) Vigorous physical activity and cytokines in adolescents European Journal of Applied Physiology. 103:495-500

D.A. Rubin, R.G. McMurray, J.S. Harrell, A.C. Hackney, D.E.Thorpe, and A.M. Haqq. (2008) The association between insulin resistance and cytokines in adolescents: the role of weight status and exercise Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. 57:683-690.

D.A. Rubin, R.G. McMurray, and J.S. Harrell. (2008)  Insulin and weight status in adolescents: independent effects of intensity of physical activity and peak aerobic power. Pediatric Exercise Science. 20:29-39.

J.C. Bowles, D.P. Hales, D.F. Tate, D.A. Rubin, S. Benjamin, and D.S. Ward.  (2008) Physical activity environment in child care centers: relationships to physical activity behavior. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 34:23-29.

J.W. Duke, D.A. Rubin, W. Daly, and A.C. Hackney (2007). Influence of prolonged exercise on the 24-hour free testosterone-cortisol ratio hormonal profile. Medicina Sportiva. 11:48-50.

A.C. Hackney and D.A. Rubin (2006). El sistema neuroendocrino y el estrés del ejercicio: una breve     revisión. Medicina del Ejercicio. 21 (1-2): 23-34.

D.A. Rubin, R.G. McMurray, A.C. Hackney, and J.S. Harrell (2005). The relationship between leptin, metabolic hormones, body composition and exercise. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism. 18:1073-1081.

W. Daly, C.A. Seegers, D.A. Rubin, J. Dobridge and A.C. Hackney (2005). Relationship between stress hormones and testosterone with prolonged endurance exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology 93:375-80.


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